Image by: KyleWrather

Apart from texting, chatting, shopping, eating, and praying, what one thing should a person get hooked to? Well, it’s READING. Disappointed?

It’s not surprising though for one to get disappointed at such answer. For sure many would scoff at the idea of getting hooked into reading, what with all these fast-paced, highly engaging gadgets available anywhere. Eyebrows will certainly rise. Why dwell on a “boring” activity as reading? But, on the other hand, should you not think twice, thrice, a hundredfold? Come to think of it, these gadgets would not have been a huge success if you are unable to read every text, message, and instruction that comes with their use?

Why do many tend to pass up on every opportunity to read a nice book, an interesting article, or an informative travel book over something as trivial as...gossiping. Perhaps our understanding of the importance of reading is so scant or twisted that we grimace everytime a reading material is handed to us. Perhaps it’s high time to strengthen our understanding of reading.

Virgil Howe’s once said, “ Reading can be one of man’s deepest pleasures. It extends his experiences, giving him a glimpse of the world’s excitement, pleasure, and wisdom.” Reading allows us to ponder on the mysteries of the world and its complexities, explore knowledge, and contemplate the unknown. With reading, we begin to discover some answers to questions, is motivated to raise more stimulating questions, and continues his quest for deeper understanding. Reading can be our primary tool for blending our inner pyschological world of thought, imagination, and reality.

Reading has never and will never be a passive activity. It is in fact a kind of social relationship shared and developed by the author and the writer.

We claim to be good at many things. Can we not also claim to be good at reading?

Go on Avail!!!