Philips Research's intelligent pill (Credit: Philips)

Learning new things makes me giddy. Today, I discovered a new technology. While waiting for our next call, my colleague related to me a medical breakthrough she saw on TV. It’s about a tiny intelligent camera designed by Philips Research that can be swallowed. I was totally awed by the idea.

The device measures about 11 mm x 26 mm that patients swallow with water just like any other pill. This intelligent camera not only takes pictures on your insides, it has a microprocessor controlled pump that releases medicine where it is needed. It is also capable of measuring data like temperature and acidity in different parts of your body. The gathered data can then be reported to an external computer using wireless technology. Whoa!

I made a quick at Google and found out at Science Daily that the device is not totally new. This special camera has been around for nearly 10 years now. Boy, I am glad to be part of the high-tech generation.
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