I discovered an interesting site today called Building43. I found out that this is Scoble’s new project

Building43 aims to “make it easier for businesses to use the new Internet to improve their business results”.

What makes it interesting, you might ask. Scoble has this to say “our content will be available via Creative Commons so you can use our videos or photos or other media on your own sites. You cancut it up, edit it, or claim it as your own. Second, Building 43 is not a place. It’s not a website. It’s a distributed community and you’ll engage with Building 43 on your favorite social network. No need to visit http://www.building43.com at all. Plus, we’ll have new videos that you can interact with via technology like that available on 12seconds.tv and seesmic.com so you can post your own video tips or techniques or demos.”

I’ve watched several videos on Facebook and how make most of it and I can't wait to apply them on my own fb account.

So what are you building? Go on Avail!